Business Transformation


Strategy & Architecture

“Your most complex IT challenges sorted out by our specialists.”


Interbiz specialists help develop strategies and define the architecture that helps build values for your organisation. Through our strategic architectural service, we develop a roadmap which derives the way forward for implementation of technological applications.


User Experience

“It’s all about the look and feel and what meets the eye.”


User experience is a visual identity of the business and the way people connect with it. A people-centric approach to understand the engagement consumers have with web services. UX is the enhancement of the product and the image you try to portray with it.



“How secure is your business?”



In today’s technology advanced environment, organisations are more and more dependant on their information systems. Much of the value of business is concentrated in the value of its information. Hence any threats to that must be immediately dealt with.




“Use Cloud to get more, spend less”



Cloud computing is primarily using the internet to store and access your data than on your PC memory. It empowers you to lower your costs and get a virtual office to access your data from anywhere on the planet with much better security.


Mobile First

“Offering ubiquitous computing for customers on the go in a safe mobile environment”


Enhancement in technology has enabled mobile devices very high storage capacity, processing power. Mobile devices are primary medium of personal & professional activity. Having a mobile first strategy is not good to have but a prerequisite for today’s business.



“Real-time insights  to improve business process, revenue & customer satisfaction.”


Every business, irrespective of size needs to know their performance and track the progress.. Analytics help dig deep into the workings of the business in aid to the growth. A data driven process which turns the perceptions into actions and results.



Health Care

“Empower the health industry by providing digital healthcare access to consumers.”


SaaS is the most preferred way to deploy healthcare applications.Your business will innovate and even exceed member expectations with continuous performance tracking.

Male han pressing shopping cart on virtual screen.


“Streamlining the business approach from your front-end to your back-end.”


In the ever evolving market where you have to constantly strive to maintain customers, it is highly essential to have your CRM in place. Interbiz helps you provide the customer support for your clients from check-in to check-out.



“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one” – Malcolm Forbes.


User friendly web based education management application for your institution. From administration to exams, our technology helps systematize the processes within your ecosystem.

Our Clients Says

“Interbiz helps us to focus on our clients than IT administration.  Cloud computing is the way forward and Interbiz provides us the path for a smoother transition”

Andy Denver
” We needed a platform which was both powerful and scalable. Interbiz with Analytics helped us turning information into useful insights and take immediate actions without wasting any time.They make sure every dollar we spend is worth it”

Mike Johnson
“Interbiz has been an excellent business partner as they offer us a comprehensive SaaS solution to facilitate data sharing across our locations. Because of the way they work, it helps us to be on our exact deadlines and generate more revenue. My experience with their support team has been really awesome.”
Ben Williams

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