Mobile First

As the trend of customers accessing more data on their mobiles is increasing, it is important to give them a complete user experience with the power of these devices. Mobile first strategy is a paradigm shift in the internet world. The sales of smartphones has significantly surpassed that of PCs with large numbers and telecom providers giving high speed internet access, more and more people are using the apps to make their purchases and get the services. Mobile first does not mean to only have your presence on mobiles, it ideally means to have a strategic dimension of how mobile technology can enhance your product. As of nowadays, mobiles are the primary tool to view your products. Mobile first requires an overall new approach to planning and UX design as mobiles are the front-runners for the customers. Instead of viewing desktop versions of websites on their mobile device people are directly accessing content specifically designed for their mobile devices.

Business nowadays have huge opportunity by going mobile first and focus more on specific contents. This is due to the screen size offered in mobiles. With direct content it is easier to target the consumers, have better user experience and also gives them the opportunity to innovate.

So should your business go mobile? We will help you with that.

  • Wider customer base by targeting mobile customers: With more and more people accessing internet on the go, mobile first helps you target this whole new segment of users than  the desktop ones only.
  • Direct Content: With the size of the screens being small it is imperative to have a prioritized content. This will not burden the screen and give a direct impact of ease of access
  • Improved user experience: Mobile internet is relatively lower than broadband, hence direct content will lead to a better user experience.

With the advantages there is also a flip side to mobile first strategy. Since screen size is small and content is direct, it is essential that you choose to showcase the right content in the frame. With the new launches, there isn’t one size screen that fits all mobiles, so there is no specific right screen size guideline. Also, sometimes user experience can go bad being unable to look for the same content on website and then coming back to viewing it on mobile if he doesn't find it. Content needs to be managed and updated twice.

All in all, mobile first, also termed as Responsive web design is the biggest trend going on right now with more on more people accessing internet on the go. Simplicity and quick response time are the key ingredients when coming to mobile first and gives your company a leading edge over competition.