Health Care

With health awareness on the rise, it’s important to connect digitally with the consumers. Interbiz  health care applications will help your communication  with the consumers better and directly lead you to a enhanced productivity by automation. Therefore saving time. At Interbiz, we provide secure and vendor unbiased infrastructure that provides quick response time for better recovery. In the healthcare industry, information is life or death. Therefore analytics can help you enhance the chances of a patient’s recovery.

There is a lot of data about patients in the healthcare industry. This could be insurance, patient history, nutritional information and a lot of other records. All these can be analysed into generating useful information and aiding in diagnosis. Also to study various demographic groups. It leads to better and quicker results in less cost.The healthcare IT services are custom made to meet the requirements of the clients. 

 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was legislated in 1996 to address the increasing use of technology in healthcare, mainly  the exchange of health information between providers, employers and health insurance plans. We at Interbiz are a HIPAA compliant cloud that offers services in order to relieve the pressure off healthcare companies.

SaaS solutions are easy on your pocket as there is no need to purchase on-premise hardware and software systems. SInce it is HIPAA compliant, security issues are simplified. The upgrades and installs are no longer a hassle for your company. It is secure system for data exchange with easier accessibility even from remote locations in a uniform way. WIth all the stated benefits above, SaaS is a go to for any healthcare business.