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INTERBIZ consulting

You have ideas, and we have solutions. From product development to implementation, maintenance, and support, we continue to successfully help both startups, and established enterprises bring their ideas to life. Our expert teams help businesses improve performance and increase revenue.

Rovicare efficiently connects organizations, individual
providers, and key stakeholders together to streamline care coordination, resulting in better care transitions and
improved patient outcomes. With Rovicare, send referrals, share medical records, schedule follow-up appointments, and more in one platform.

Used by hospitals, individuals, corporations, academic institutions, research organizations, and associations, Protocol Now allows you to publish and promote mission-critical information in a controlled environment to every team member who needs access.

CropTracer provides the highest quality, web-based agribusiness management technology for growers, food processors, distributors and government institutions. An easy-to-use software designed to help growers stay on track from the farm to the market


ULE is a Universal Learning Management system developed for universities and colleges. ULE allows task assignments for both professors and students. Administrators can create and assign classes, enroll students in courses, maintain school and exam reporting, and much more.

Discover Mine scours the latest news from a network of sites and their associated social media outlets to curate a daily PRSS feed, keeping community members informed of local news and events.

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Interbiz is a boutique web development and software solutions provider specializing in client collaboration to deliver SaaS solutions, products, and services expediently and efficiently. Let us help you eliminate manual processes and grow your business.

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