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If you have an idea we have the solution for you. From developing the product  to maintaining & supporting the product we have helped both startups and established enterprises achieve their goals.


Rovicare is a cloud-based software solution, capable of integration with your EHR system, that streamlines the acute care to post-acute care patient transfer process for all stakeholders. There is finally a simple solution to a complex problem.

Protocol Now

Used by hospitals, individuals, corporations, academic institutions, research organizations, and associations, Protocol Now allows you to publish and promote mission-critical information in a controlled environment to every team member who needs access.


CropTracer provides the highest quality, web-based agribusiness management technology for growers, food processors, distributors and government institutions. An easy-to-use software designed to help growers stay on track from the farm to the market


ULE is Universal Learning system. It is developed for universities and colleges in which they can assign tasks to both Teachers and students. Administrators can create and assign classes, enroll student in courses, maintain school and exam reports, and much more.

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Through our network of local sites and their associated social media pages, Daily PRSS licensees keep their communities up-to-date by curating feeds of all kinds and blogging daily on local news and events, telling the story of their town.
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