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INTERBIZ consulting

We develop leading mobile and web apps to mobilize your business. Innovative User Interface with meaningful user experience.

Who Are We?

Interbiz Consulting is a boutique software development company focused on using technology to improve business processes. Our agile approach to product development and launch allows us to partner with our clients to provide economical and easy-to-use solutions.

Our team takes pride in having successfully helped clients save millions of dollars in software development costs while reducing their time-to-market by over 35 percent.

With the speed at which new technology tools and advancements come to market, it’s hard for companies to keep up. But using the latest processes and services available to build reliable and productive software solutions doesn’t have to be complicated. Interbiz’s team of experts is here to partner with you and provide the knowledge to choose the features and services, and that fit your organizational goals, increase your company’s revenue and productivity, and most importantly, increase your customer satisfaction through better efficiencies.

Our clients’ needs are at the forefront of everything we do. This allows us to focus on listening to our clients, applying attentiveness to each engagement. Our agile teams work on a variety of projects, all of which bring new innovations to each endeavor.

Our clients trust in our ability to design, build, implement, and support their solutions. The results of these collaborations are more effective businesses with higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

our mission

To promote increases in effectiveness and efficiency for our clients by offering the highest quality products and services tailored to meet their specific needs.

our vision

To enrich the lives of our clients and promote business efficiency as the premier choice for web application and software development products and services.

our values

  • Efficiency: We strive to provide cost-effective
    services that shorten time-to-market.
  • Collaboration: We work with our clients as a team.
  • Agility: We deliver iterative results, building upon each success.
  • Reliability: We provide full post-development
    support to our clients.
  • Personal Service: We focus on a small number of clients and projects to ensure personalized
  • Partnerships: We cultivate client relationships into lasting partnerships by providing support long after the project is complete.


Business and IT leader with more than 20 years of experience in building and managing technology, process, people and strategy. Co-founded four startup companies and angel investor in more than five technology startups. Led multiple technology companies from ideation / problem statement to MVP and market validation; Proficient in defining company strategy, roadmap and team. CEO of state-of-art software development company based in US and India specializing in cloud, mobile and analytics.

Pankaj Likhmania​


Make Our Team Your Team

Interbiz is here to help you launch your next idea with respect for your priorities and goals.

About us

Interbiz is a boutique web development and software solutions provider specializing in client collaboration to deliver SaaS solutions, products, and services expediently and efficiently. Let us help you eliminate manual processes and grow your business.

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