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Providing Integrated Technology Services Across Mobile, Web & Cloud
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We Help Founders Turn Their Innovative Ideas Into Reality
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What is Interbiz?

Interbiz Consulting is a boutique software development company focused on using technology to automate and improve business processes. Our agile approach to product development and launch allows us to partner with our clients to provide economical and easy-to-use solutions.

Our team takes pride in having helped clients successfully launch their MVPs and scale while saving millions of dollars in software development costs and reducing their time-to-market by over 35 percent.

Our Services

Interbiz provides software development services for all industries with a focus on healthcare services. Many innovations have propelled the healthcare industry in the past several years. But even with extensive advances, manual processes and redundancies remain that adversely impact providers, patients, and their families. Interbiz understands your needs and works with you to provide quality outcomes.
Progressive Web Apps

Reliable browsing with offline connectivity. New concept that bridges the gap between websites and mobile apps. These apps promise offline capabilities as well as improved speed and performance.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet .

UI &UX Design

Good design and the ability to pivot rapidly to meet consumer demand are two important strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Create innovative User Interfaces to deliver professional, meaningful, and seamless experiences for your clients.


SaaS Solutions

Interbiz specializes in creating customized SaaS solutions, giving our clients the ability to bring services to their target market without the complexities of software and hardware management.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is already successfully used to enhance our productivity and expand our capabilities. Use AI to create personalized experiences and increased efficiencies.

Mobile First

Today’s consumer uses their mobile device for light and heavy tasks. Interbiz ensures your products and services translate easily on mobile for a seamless user experience.

Over 150 Projects Completed
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Over 150 Satisfied Clients
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Over 1000 Positive User Reviews
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We work with

At Interbiz, we believe in creating the best client experience, developing partnerships that go beyond transactional and embrace collaboration.

Start your journey with us now


Interbiz specializes in developing advanced solutions with end-to-end web and mobile application development services for the Healthcare, IoT, and Finance industries.


We provide complete web and mobile app development solutions that bring improvements and efficiencies to the healthcare industry. Our customized products and services enhance communication and processes across the healthcare continuum. Clients realize a decrease in costs and an increase in patient satisfaction.


The Internet of Things is expanding and continuing to connect our world through appliances, smart devices, and hardware. From smart homes, buildings, and cities, Interbiz can help your organization’s IoT products to market.


Interbiz has helped many organizations automate their operations, including accounting and payment processing. Reduce manual data entry, human error, and increase bottom-line revenue with our expert resources.

What are Clients Saying?

We needed a platform which was both powerful and scalable. Interbiz with Analytics helped us turning information into useful insights and take immediate actions without wasting any time.They make sure every dollar we spend is worth it
Mike Johnson
Interbiz helps us to focus on our clients than IT administration. Cloud computing is the way forward and Interbiz provides us the path for a smoother transition
Andy Denver
Interbiz has been an excellent business partner as they offer us a comprehensive SaaS solution to facilitate data sharing across our locations. Because of the way they work, it helps us to be on our exact deadlines and generate more revenue. My experience with their support team has been really awesome
Ben Williams

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About us

Interbiz is a boutique web development and software solutions provider specializing in client collaboration to deliver SaaS solutions, products, and services expediently and efficiently. Let us help you eliminate manual processes and grow your business.

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