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​We provide complete web & mobile app development solutions to healthcare industry. Our IT solutions effectively enhance operational efficiencies and improve internal processes. Here are some problems of healthcare industry that we resolve with our services:

Our Solutions for Healthcare Industry

We have partnered with retail companies to revamp customer interactions, build digital store of the future, increase customer engagement through mobility for retail and streamline supply chain.

HealthCare Application

Our developers are experienced in creating health applications that can be synchronized with tracking tools like sensors, wearables, and other tools which are used to monitor patient health remotely. With these apps, patients are able to access their health records online and manage their disease daily.

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Patient Information Management

Our company has a long experience in building mobile apps for the healthcare industry. We develop applications both for doctors and patients. Those are mainly apps managing daily routine of doctors and nurses, and apps for tracking health, scheduling appointments, sharing lab results and medication.

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Flow Automation

Our team is specialized in creating reliable healthcare solutions for the internal procedures like supply chain management, assets management, insurance claims management , inventory and procurement management, CRMs and loyalty solutions, etc. We will investigate your organization’s needs to offer the best modules.

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EHR / EMR Integration

We develop and implement HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solutions for medical practices and web-based healthcare networks. Our software includes robust network architecture, secure database management system, integrations with evidence-based tools, reliable patient portal, comprehensive charting management features, and intuitive graphical user interfaces for desktops and mobile devices

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Telemedicine is the interaction between patient and doctor via electronic communication, providing a medical services over the treatment in the text, Image format or any text file. The issue like distance, time, travel overcome by this application the transport cost, travelling time. These services helps patients save travel and wait time as this they can consult a doctor at their own convenience and at the comfort of their home.

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Social Determinant Of Health Solutions

It’s common knowledge that clinical care plays a relatively small part in population health. Such factors as clean environment, stable housing, health literacy, reliable transportation, and access to nutritional foods have a far greater impact on the lifestyle and health outcomes of communities.
According to a recent survey by Change Healthcare, 80% of payers aim to address SDOH in their population health programs. Pay-for-performance reimbursement is already pushing providers to rethink their approach and find a way to effectively leverage socioeconomic factors.

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Revenue cycle optimization ​

Flat revenue growth, increased costs, changing services, and added regulation costs are eroding your bottom line. Revenue cycle optimization can help improve your financial performance.
By exercising a comprehensive approach to optimization and working closely with your people, processes, and technology, we develop a complete picture of your organization’s financial performance. More importantly, we’re able to design strategies and solutions that improve this performance while also preserving your organization’s mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

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Our Healthcare Portfolio and Capability includes

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