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Recruiter Screen

This step involves having the recruiter review applications and screen out candidates who are obviously not a fit—for example, those who don’t fit your basic education or location requirements or have the right type of experience.


Assessment Test

These tests measure the general ability to solve abstract problems and are considered the most reliable predictor of a person’s learning potential. They are used to get data about the degree of knowledge and abilities acquired in relevant areas for a specific job.


Technical Interview

The technical round in an interview is a way to assess candidates for specialist positions. We are not only interested in technical knowledge but also how candidates approach problems, construct their thought process and demonstrate personal skills.


Managerial Round

The HR round is generally about a get together round with HR, in these rounds HR persons are trying to judge more knowledge about your personality.



Offering the job includes providing an offer letter stating the position’s salary, start date, and other terms and conditions of employment that are based on the agreement between the company and the candidate. 

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