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The Future of Web Development

Web applications have two main components: backend code that runs on the server, and frontend code that runs in the browser. For backend code, developers can choose among an overwhelming number of languages and frameworks. For frontend code, until recently the only programming option beyond HTML and CSS was to use ever increasing amounts of JavaScript. Ten years ago, most developers simply wrote code for the backend, then added a sprinkling of JavaScript to the frontend to make things more interactive and user friendly. But that’s no longer sufficient for today’s modern web demands.

Organizations and users are increasingly demanding more complex frontend web interactions in the browser, which require more complex web application development. The development solution to meet this demand has been to build, essentially, two separate applications: a backend application to manage the servers and database, and a frontend application to handle user interactions, and then to create a bridge to make the two communicate.

This approach adds several layers of cost and complexity to the software development process and complicates how organizations maintain their web applications’ backend while meeting the user demand for greater interaction with the frontend. JavaScript development itself requires a large set of tools which are constantly changing. Companies are forced to employ large teams of developers with even wider skill sets that will need more time than ever before to build modern web solutions.

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