Tips and Tricks on Making Good Requirements

Have you ever dreamt about being on the top of the IT wave and trend-setting new apps and next generation systems? Have you imagined yourself a founding father of another Google or Instagram? Let’s imagine that you have an idea. You have budget and scheduling. But it is not enough. So, what’s next? If you don’t belong to the IT world and have very circumstantial relation to this sphere, you will… Read More »Tips and Tricks on Making Good Requirements

The Future of Web Development

Web applications have two main components: backend code that runs on the server, and frontend code that runs in the browser. For backend code, developers can choose among an overwhelming number of languages and frameworks. For frontend code, until recently the only programming option beyond HTML and CSS was to use ever increasing amounts of JavaScript. Ten years ago, most developers simply wrote code for the backend, then added a… Read More »The Future of Web Development

Benefits of PWAs Over Native Apps

Due to the last decade’s frenzy of native app demand, my early career can almost be defined by how efficiently my teams could ship iOS and Android mobile apps to the stores. But after a decade, users are downloading fewer and fewer apps, and clients are increasingly skeptical of the strategy of paying for the same product twice. Modern developers and business owners now have a much better option for… Read More »Benefits of PWAs Over Native Apps

Progressive Web Applications Transform the User Experience

Organizations increasingly see the need for innovative and elegant responsive web experiences that allow meaningful user interactions. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)enable these in ways that native mobile apps—originally thought to be the best path to a user’s heart—often don’t. PWAs have gained tremendous popularity recently as businesses seek solutions to poor and inconsistent mobile app experiences, and to costs associated with designing and developing native apps for more than one platform.… Read More »Progressive Web Applications Transform the User Experience